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About the TeeBoxx


TeeBoxx was invented by an avid golfer in Moncton New Brunswick, Canada in the fall of 2005. It was created after the golf season as a means of practising golf throughout the cold winter months.  By Spring 2006, TeeBoxx gained its first accomplishment by being named "The best golf training aid" by GolfTest USA.  Even after such an achievement, TeeBoxx still continued to develop and improve.  Just two years after its creation TeeBoxx was then awarded a patent for its unique function.


TeeBoxx assists with the consistency of the golf swing to help lower scores, it was designed with everyone in mind, whether it be beginners or professionals to be used indoors or outdoors!



The TeeBoxx was designed to be used with a  moderate swing. This design feature was added to create more consistent ball striking to help lower your scores. When this percentage of effort is created with light grip pressure, you will be able to create a smooth swing that has both tempo and balance. Although the TeeBoxx was designed to be used with a moderate swing speed, it’s recommended that you practice lower than that for both the life of the ball and for lower scores.


When practicing with the TeeBoxx, it is essential to accelerate through the ball to a full finish to get the most accurate feedback. When deceleration through the ball occurs, miss hits in any direction may occur and take away from the consistency on the golf course that we all strive for.


The TeeBoxx was designed to help you set up to the ball and align yourself to the target with the takeaway guideline and the vertical line just in front of the ball. First, set your clubface so that it is parallel to the vertical line on the TeeBoxx and allow the vertical line to come straight back in to your front foot (foot closest to the target). This allows the ball to be just inside that front foot as the TeeBoxx was designed with the ball two inches behind the vertical line while using your driver. Now that the TeeBoxx has your clubface square to the target and ball position correct, you must then align your body with your target. Again, using the design of the TeeBoxx, set your feet, hips and shoulders so that they are parallel to the takeaway guideline and the line extended through the ball. Design your own routine using the TeeBoxx and then you will be able to take that to the golf course.


A moderate swing produces accuracy and consistency. It is for that purpose that the tension line on the Retractable Cord is set to activate the “WOW!” feedback at approximately 80 mph for the driver and approximately 60 mph for the woods and irons. Faster swings may result in no response from the sensor pad. One benefit unique to TeeBoxx is the one second delay feature which reminds the golfer to not look up until hearing the audio feedback.

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