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Comments: Here are what some test respondents from Canada and the USA had to say about TeeBoxx on their questionnaire.

“Love it when I hit the “WOW”.”

“Fun to practice with. I would highly recommend it.”

“Overall I really liked the TeeBoxx and look forward to sharing it with my niece and nephew.”

“Convenient for me to practice swinging since I cannot make it to the driving range often. My dad would like this. Glad I get to keep it!”

“A unique tool. Kids love it.”

“The more I used it the better I liked it. I could feel whether I was coming over the top or from the inside. This is a great training aid!”

“I feel it is a good idea and I like the fact that it is compact, light, portable. Gives you an indication on the outcome of your shot.

“Excellent product." Great for warming up or instead of the driving range on rainy days”

“Realistic feel and great for when you can’t get out to play or to the range to practice.”

“The friends that I loaned the TeeBoxx to were mature golfers and they said the video was very informative and well made.

“Fun to practice with. I use mine everyday after work.”

“I found that the TeeBoxx helped me with ball position in relation to my stance and distance. When I heard a WOW I felt that my body position was correct and remembered for future use.”

“The TeeBoxx is helpful, easy to store when not in use and simple to understand”.

GolfTest USA Summary Evaluation:

GolfTest USA’s evaluation of the TeeBoxx based on the feedback from the Canada test group is as follows:

***The TeeBoxx is a good training aid for a wide range of golfers of all skill levels.

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