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The TeeBoxx is an excellent training aid for golfers of all skill levels. It has a wide range of appeal to golfers who are looking to improve their swing by making more solid contact with the ball. It promotes the ability of golfers to be more aggressive in their swing which can translate to golfers making better swings under actual playing conditions.


The TeeBoxx provides a method for golfers who don’t have the time, warm weather, or the ability to make it out to the driving range to work their swing. With TeeBoxx, golfers can essentially take the driving range home with them and use it either indoors or outdoors at their leisure.


The TeeBoxx is also a great warm-up device for golfers prior to playing a round of golf. Most test respondents used the TeeBoxx as a warm-up and exercising tool, before playing a round of golf, and to practice their golf swing. Many respondents used the TeeBoxx with friends and family as well.


The TeeBoxx is a simple concept: a golf ball, a tee, and instant feedback that you can use anywhere or anytime. It serves to complete the entire golfing experience: playing rounds of golf, visiting the driving range, and using TeeBoxx to maintain accuracy, strength, and tempo.


Almost all the testers indicated that they would continue to use the TeeBoxx. This is a statistical anomaly which indicates that the TeeBoxx will find wide acceptance among golfers. Golf instructors say TeeBoxx adds a new dimension in teaching. TeeBoxx makes it easy for beginners to remember all their golf alignment and ball position.




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